Meet the Peelers committee

Peel Road Runners has a diverse membership. Find out a bit more about our leadership team below

How long have you been with Peel?
I joined the club in 2016 and became a coach in 2019
Best thing about being a Peeler?
The atmosphere. We encourage people goals but getting out for any good of run is a goal in itself
Favourite race?
Chemin du Mellois – A team relay run around Northern France with fanctastic food stops
And closer to home – The Gate Gallop – a lovely 10km around the trails and fields and raising money for St Giles Hospice
What got you into running with Peel?
I came to running late, I only took it up 10 yrs ago.  I needed to have some form of exercise that I could in short, sharp bursts, which wouldn’t take me away from home for long.  The Peelers ran their first C25 course and I was hooked
Favourite run/route?
My favourite routes are definitely the summer ones, particularly Syscercote Lane.  Nothing is better on a summer’s evening, especially when there is a cold cider waiting at the end
Best moment in running?
My proudest moment is receiving the Most Improved Female runner at our presentation evening; I had gone from 5k to running a half-marathon.
What do I do for the club?
I’m in charge of registering new members and providing club vests.
Best Peel run?
Any run that ends at the pub!
Best thing about being a Peeler?
the camaraderie……the cheer you get when you hit the Castle Grounds on Cathedral to Castle is a great example
Favourite race?
Man vs Coast, 25 miles along the coast of Cornwall. It was a stunning day, the scenery was incredible and as we neared Lands End people were cheering us from the beach and keeping us updated on the England football score in the Euros…..they won!
What do I do for the club?
I lead some of the structured runs and organize Peel RR’s annual race “the Gate Gallop” ( I’ve been an active member of the committee since 2015.
Best Peel run?
Any of the summer runs – the hillier the better. A pub at the end is always nice too.
Best thing about being a Peeler?
The members. We have so many members who volunteer their time to help out, and who support each other in achieving their best, whether that be in competing or in completing.
Favorite race?
Lakeland 100 – the route is great, the camaraderie and atmosphere is fantastic, and so much of the money raised by it is used for good causes. We try to emulate this, albeit at a smaller scale, at the Gate Gallop