Gate Gallop & Washlands relay – Weekly round up – 26th June 2017

Peel Road Runners once again supported the Gate Gallop 10k, the 5th event in this seasons BDSL race calendar, with many members either running or marshalling at the event which took place at Anker Valley last weekend.

It was Ashley Baldwin who triumphed for the Peelers at the event crossing the line in 6th position overall with a splendid time of 37:55mins closely followed by Martin Hollamby with 38:17mins and 8th overall and Robbie Baden with 38:52mins and 13th overall. Michael Shelton was next home with a time of 43:18mins and then Simon Smith with 46:09mins. Following Simon in were Tim Mudd 50:47mins & Dave Fern with 55:14mins. Carolyne Browne was the first Peeler lady to cross the finish line with a time of 55:35mins, finishing  ahead of Colin Francis in 58:05mins. With their first taste of racing in the Peel Road Runner colours were Liz Morgan with a time of 1:00:47hrs, Christie Rosser with 1:01:51hrs, Stella Martin 1:02:01hrs, Darren Keenan 1:03:19hrs, Christine Keenan 1:03:50hrs and bringing all the Peelers home was Christine Norris with 1:22:23hrs.

Peel Road Runner George Hope was the farthest travelling team member to run a Parkrun event last weekend when he competed at the Clermont Waterfront parkrun over in the USA. George ran the 5k route around the Lake Hiawatha Preserve in a time of 27:30mins.

At the Kingsbury Water Parkrun it was Shaun Coyle who lead the Peel Road Runners across the finish line with a time of 23:12mins. Not too far behind was Rober Hirst with 23:58mins. Joanne Turner lead the Peel Road Runners ladies across the finish line with a time of 29:44mins ahead of Sophie Galloway with 30:34mins, Sandra Ward with 33:29mins and Muriel Storey with 34:15mins.

Robbie Baden and Martin Hollamby

Peel Road Runners entered 7 mixed runner teams into the Washlands Relay, race event number 4 of the BDSL race calendar, held on the 14th June at the Washlands, Burton on Trent.

The Washlands Relays is a very popular midweek event which attracts many runners from across the region to participate and saw a total of 47 teams of mixed runners and 37 teams of female only runners.

In the Team Event for the Peel Road Runners it was Team PEEL COE which had the best performance on the night 26th place overall with a combined time of 59:45mins (Ashley Baldwin 11:35mins / Lisa Crane 16:05mins / Darren Keenan 17:37mins / Ashley Perks 14:28mins)

Team PEEL CRAM were 29th place overall with a combined time of 1:00:44hrs (Dave Fern 15:17mins / Zoe Hollamby 15:00mins / George Hope 18:11mins / Robbie Baden 12:16mins)

Team PEEL FARAH were 35th place overall with a combined time of 1:01:51hrs (Robbie Baden 11:27mins / Val Lawson 17:56mins / Stella Martin 16:54mins / Phil Neale 15:34mins)

Team PEEL HOLMES were 41st place overall with a combined time of 1:04:10hrs (Michael Shelton 12:55mins / Jo Insley 18:22mins / Lisa Jones-Bignall 17:29mins / Tim Mudd 15:24mins)

Team PEEL RADCLIFFE were 42nd place overall with a combined time of 1:04:41hrs (Martin Hollamby 11:32mins / Helen Manton 18:07mins / Rob Hirst 15:45mins / Lisa Fletcher 19:17mins)

Team PEEL FOSTER were 43rd place overall with a combined time of 1:05:59hrs (Richard Finnegan 15:49mins / Sandra Ingram 16:57mins / Christie Rosser 17:44mins / Owen Slater 16:19mins)

Team PEEL PAVEY were 46th place overall with a combined time of 1:14:05hrs (Darren Truman 15:16mins / Carolyne Browne 16:57mins / Chria Keenan 20:09mins / Laura Bowyer 21:43mins)

In the Team Event on the night PEEL ROAD RUNNER ladies finished 6th place leaving them in 6th place overall after 4 events. Scoring points for the ladies were Zoe Hollamby / Lisa Crane / Stella Martin /Carolyne Browne

The PEEL ROAD RUNNER mens finished 5th place on the night leaving them in 4th place overall after 4 events. Scoring points for the men were Robbie Baden / Martin Hollamby / Ashley Baldwin / Michael Shelton / Ashley Perks / Richard Finnegan.

Peel Road Runners meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm at the Snowdome in Tamworth.

New members are always welcome.

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