Weekly Round Up – 18th June 2018

Peel Road Runners men and women joined forces at the Washlands last week and had 6 teams entered in the 2-mile relay event. With a mix of experience and first timers spread across the six teams, everyone came together on the night to add some loud vocal support and much needed encouragement.

“All you need is Peel” was the team with the fastest joint finishing time on the night finishing in 21st place overall. The team consisted of Darren O’Leary (13:24mins), Michael Shelton (13:03mins), Darren Truman (14:39mins) and Simon O’Reilly (13:12mins). The team finished with an overall time of 54:18mins.

“Strawberry Peels forever” were the next team to finish in 30th place overall. A mixed Team whose members were Phil Neale (13:47mins), Emma Pick (13:01mins), Owen Slater (15:42mins) and Andrew Pickard (13:31mins). The team finished with an overall time of 56:01mins.

“I Peel fine” finished in 32nd position overall with the team members Martin Hollamby (12:01mins), Simon Gordon (15:19mins), George Hope (15:13mins) and Rob Hirst (15:25mins). Total finishing time for the team was 57:58mins.

“Please Peel me” finished in 38th position with its mixed team members of Ashley Baldwin (11:14mins), Jo Insley (16:33mins), Craig Strong (15:00mins) and Val Lawson (17:56mins). Total finishing time for the team was 1:00:43hrs.

“Here comes the Peel” finished in 41st position with Malcolm Bembridge (13:57mins), Sophie Galloway (16:06mins), Trevor Thompson (13:52mins) and Stella Martin (17:32mins). Total finishing time for the team was 1:01:27hrs.

“Peel in the USSR” finished in 10th place in the all-female category with its team consisting of Sandra Ingram (16:13mins), Lisa Jones-Bignall (14:32mins) and Carolyne Browne (16:02mins). Total finishing time for the team was 46:47mins.

Thanks to Club Chairman Lee Rickards for the team names!

Best individual Peel Road Runner performances on the night came from Ashley Baldwin who finished with the 11th quickest time of the night in the men’s races and Emma Pick finished as the 6th fastest female runner on the night.

Robert Bob Donovan was back in marathon running action at Caldecote Lakes last weekend as he ran in the ‘Word Up Marathon’ and finished his 26.2miles with a time of 5:36:44hrs.

Parkrun events attended by Peel Road Runners last week included Bakewell, Conkers & Kingsbury Water Park.

Andrew Pickard ran at Bakewell and finished his 5k with a time of 22:34mins. Over at Conkers were members Robert Hirst (23:01mins), Liz Morgan (30:48mins) and Christine Norris (37:52mins). A much busier Kingsbury Water Park saw Darren O’Leary as the first Peeler to cross the finish line with his time of 20:45mins and also clock up his 150th Kingsbury Parkrun. Behind Darren was George Hope with his time of 23:19mins – a new PB.

Sandra Ingram was the first female Peeler to finish with her time of 24:40mins. Other runners on the day were Stuart Hatton (24:49mins), Stella Martin (27:33mins), Malcolm Bembridge (28:20mins), Darren Truman (28:22mins), Dave Fern (30:02mins), Caroline Evans (32:21mins), Jo Insley (38:07mins) and Lisa Fletcher was once again volunteering as Tail Runner / Walker.

Peel Road Runners meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm at the Snowdome in Tamworth.

New members are always welcome.

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