Weekly Round Up – 10th July 2023

Despite the hot, humid, and stormy weather, Peel Road Runners were not deterred from their usual
weekend running antics.

The Wyre Forest Trail Race saw runners tackle the “undulating” off-road route with 1200ft of
elevation over the half marathon distance. Michael Shelton was first Peeler back in a time of 2 hours
7 minutes, followed closely by Allen King (2:08), Simon Gordon (2:08) and Chris Bennett (2:11).
At the weekend’s Parkruns, first Peeler home at Kingsbury was Emma Pick (21:05), who was the first
female finisher, followed by Michael Shelton (21:33), completing his 200 th run at this location; Tim
Clark (22:51); Judith Mathews (25:37); Darren O’Leary (25:46); Roger Lloyd (26:03); Ben Dorkins
(27:46); Sophie Galloway (28:18); Dave Fern (30:27); Jacqueline Tierney (30:33); Helen Dempsey
(35:28); Neal Dempsey (35:29); Joy Sykes (36:06); Chris Norris (1:01:49); Chris Taylor (1:01:54) and
Stella Taylor (1:01:57). Parkrun tourists included Tim Mudd (24:57) at Highbury Fields, and Steph
Attenborough (32:36) at Henley Wood in Oswestry. A group of Peelers also travelled to Salcey Forest
in Northamptonshire: Allen King (22:56); Ian Orton (23:22); Mark Boffey (24:12); Chris Bennett
(24:43); Darren Truman (26:26); Sarah Boffey (30:46); Michael Hughes (32:55).

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