Weekly Round up – 13th February 2023

Peel Road Runners were well represented on Sunday at the fifth race in the Derby/Staffs Cross Country League at Shipley Country Park near Heanor. Drier ground conditions than last year made for some fast times and Peel runners did not disappoint! First home for the club was second claim runner Rob Dyjak in 3rd position overall. Next over the line for the club was Wayne King in 8th place followed by Luke Collins (42nd); Scott Chapman (46th); Allen King (66th); Mark Boffey (81st); Billy King (96th); Simon Gordon (103rd); Chris Bennett (107th); Michael Hughes (113th) and Lee Guffick (126th). First home for the Peel ladies was Emma Pick in 6th place overall followed by Lisa Stretton (21st); Lorna Carlin (22nd); Catherine Tieley (24th); Ling Zhuang (40th); Sarah Boffey (50th); Stella Taylor (61st); Claire Guffick (66th); Sandra Ingram (70th); Jackie Tierney (71st) and Val Lawson (72nd). 

Meanwhile in Shrewsbury on Saturday, Steph Attenborough completed the Charles Darwin Day marathon at the Shrewsbury Sports Village. This was her 44th marathon and consisted of 43.5 laps of a cycle track, which she completed in 5:33:52.

At the weekend’s parkruns, Mike Shelton was first back for the club at Kingsbury in a time of 21:12. He was followed by Ben Dorkins (22:26); Darren O’Leary (24:25); Wendy Bowyer (40:15); Claire Guffick (50:58); Sarah French (57:50) and Lee Guffick (57:52). Parkrun tourists included: Mick Stevenson at Leamington (33:38); Stuart Hatton (26:18) and Marcus Fairburn (29:09) at Conkers; Sarah Boffey (27:41), Mark Boffey (27:43) and Jackie Tierney (28:46) at Newark; Michael Hughes (37:49) at Sixfields Upton, Northampton; Garth Cox (26:32) at Sutton Park; Joy Sykes (29:34) at Blyth Links, Northumberland; Roger Lloyd (24:50) at Chasewater and Allen King (22:56) and Chris Bennett (22:56) at Oaklands, Birmingham.

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