Weekly Round Up – 26th September 2022

With the week commencing 19th September being England Athletics’ ‘RunAndTalk’ week, Peel Road Runners Mental Health Champion Emily Holiday spoke to the Peelers before their Club run on Tuesday evening. “We are starting the club run tonight at a slower pace and encouraging everyone to run with someone they wouldn’t normally run with. This week many RunAndTalk events are being held up and down the country and we felt it was especially fitting to hold ours tonight as many people are returning to the club following summer holidays and we have had many new members join us recently. We are also heading towards winter, which can be a challenging time for many particularly with the added news of rising energy prices therefore, these special club runs are important to remind everyone at Peel Road Runners that as a running club we value our members, and we are here to listen if anyone would like to talk. These events are a reminder to take care of yourselves, check in with yourself regularly and talk about mental health. We all have different reasons for running; for some that is physical health and fitness, for others it’s community and for some it is part of their self-care for regulating their emotions, mental health and well being. For me, I joined the Peel Road Runners to make some friends .. the benefits to my mental health have been a bonus! One thing I really like about this club is how there is no judgment when someone returns from taking a break, people are always just really pleased to see you. Yesterday, as a nation we said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth ll, many news headlines this morning reported how we came together in unity across the UK. This struck a chord with me as I feel this is something we have as a running club, we often come together to support and encourage one another, participate in community events and local running events, and to celebrate one another’s successes. I feel proud to be a part of the Peel Road Runners and I know many of you feel the same”.

“I owe so much to my Peel family for my happiness and well being. After 26yrs of running and feeling like it’s my last phase to be able to jog, walk and run with such supportive friends does me a power of good. To always be invited and included in our adventures means so much.  When I can’t run I will always support you.” Chris N

“Running helped me with my mental health massively through lockdown. After being told to self isolate and a relationship break up, I was inspired by my running friends to complete virtual running challenges which basically gave me the inspiration to get out of bed every day and help my team to achieve the goals set. This in turn gave me a focus and stopped me losing my mind. I am forever grateful for that.” Sandra I

At the Tissington trail half marathon, an enthusiastic group of Peelers took on the challenge of running 13.1 miles from Parsley Hay back to Ashbourne on a linear course. Veteran 70+ Peeler Chris Norris had stated that this would be her last half marathon and she was well supported by other runners from the club. Chris finished in an impressive time of 3:47:21 (not many ladies of her age would contemplate going for a run, let alone a trail half marathon!). Other runners included Claire Guffick (2:14:32 pb); Emma Petriccia (2:19:57 pb); Emma Whorwood (2:20:12); Roger Eastaff (2:34:29 pb); Lee Guffick (2:51:07 pb); Nicola Peace (3:00:29); Sam Harris (2:44:57); Ann Hill (3:13:59); Sarah French (3:14:05) and Alison Dolphin (3:47:19).

At Sunday’s Stafford 10k four Peelers took on the challenge of a speedy 10k with Chris Bennett first back for the club in 48:17, followed by Tony Bryan in 50:39 and Helen Dempsey and Neal Dempsey in 62:55.

At Kingsbury parkrun Tim Clark 22:44 put in the speediest time for the club, with the remaining Peelers running the parkrun as part of their ‘long run’ marathon training. Most had run at least 14 miles before taking on the 5k parkrun, even so some creditable times were recorded: Mike Shelton (25:09); Darren Truman (27:24); Allen King (27:25); Ben Dorkins (27:57); Clara Walton (28:26); Joanne Harvey (30:12) and Sandra Ingram (32:48).

Parkrun tourists included: Mark Boffey at Rosliston (29:04); Tim Mudd at Brierley Forest (40:24); Garth Cox at Walsall Arboretum (23:19); Ian Orton at Babbs Mill (25:36) and Jackie Tierney and Joy Sykes at Beacon (28:34 and 31:56 respectively).

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