Weekly Round Up – 27th November 2023

Although not a race, parkrun is a useful guide for runners to assess their performance and to see the improvements that a consistent training programme can bring. This was very evident for Peel Road Runner Luke Collins who, since joining the club, has made great progress and benefitted from both the club’s social runs and the structured training sessions. On Saturday, at the Tamworth Castle parkrun he ran 5k in a time of 19:07 achieving an age grading score of 73.58% and second in age group. 

Also running at Tamworth, Rob Mace crossed the line in 21:46 followed by Tim Clark (23:35); Simon Gordon (25:00); Judith Matthews (26:38); Natalie Walker (26:38); Stuart Hatton (27:43); Michael Hughes (33:32) and Emma Whorwood (33:54). 

Parkrun tourists this week included: Emma Pick (24:24) at Rosliston; Garth Cox (27:24); Ben Dorkins (29:41); Roger Eastaff (32:43); Wendy Bowyer (43:30) and Joy Sykes (53:10) at Kingsbury; Ian Orton (24:14) at Daventry; Tim Mudd (25:27) at Melton Mowbray; Sarah Boffey (29:37) at Clifton, Nottingham; Jackie Tierney (30:14) at Dallas Burston Polo Club, Southam and Allen King (23:10); Chris Bennett (25:20) and Darren Truman (26:25) at Belvoir Castle.

Ticking off more races, Steph Attenborough had a busy week running the Running Miles Rickmansworth half marathon in 2:54:00, the Maravan marathon at Cleethorpes in 6:33:12 and the GP Oulton half marathon in 2:35:50.

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