Weekly Round Up – 7th August 2023

Last week, Peeler Steph Attenborough completed the Great Barrow Challenge Ultra (a distance of 32.73 miles with 873 ft of ascent) in a time of 7:22:08, averaging 13.30 miles/hour over the distance. Her second fastest time over the distance! This, in itself, was a great result but not content with this, Attenborough then completed two more marathons over the weekend .. the Saturn Running Hawaii 5-0 at Runnymede, which she finished in 6:29:03 and the Enigma Gameboy marathon, which she completed in 5:52:01.

At the weekend’s parkruns, Mike Shelton was first home for the Peelers at Kingsbury in a time of 23:06, followed by Phil Neale (23:38); Garth Cox (25:52); Claire Guffick (32:49); Ann Hill (34:31); Lee Guffick (35:33); Alison Perry (54:21); Stephen Andrews (54:21); Alison Dolphin (55:16) and Sarah French (55:17). Parkrun tourists included: Darren O’Leary (24:55) at Burgess, London; Allen King (22:44) and Chris Bennett (24:05) at Loughborough; Tim Mudd (29:15) at Woolacombe Dunes; Steph Attenborough (34:07) at Chasewater; Mick Stevenson (33:02) at Warwick Racecourse; Ian Orton (22:45), Mark Boffey (23:40) and Sarah Boffey (28:06) at East Park, Wolverhampton; Michael Hughes (37:32) at Trentham Gardens, Stoke and Jackie Tierney (28:45) at Yarborough, Lincoln.

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