Worthington 5 Mile – Weekly round up – 17th July 2017

Peel Road Runners gathered en masse at the Worthington 5 mile race on Tuesday July 11th.

Over 20 members, a mixture of both new recruits and experienced runners, gathered at the event which was marred by the poor weather conditions on the night but even that couldn’t dampen their running spirits.

Once again it was Martin Hollamby who was the first Peel Road Runner to cross the finish line with a time of 29:15mins. Ashley Baldwin wasn’t far behind Martin with 29:40mins with Robbie Baden a short distance behind Ashley with 29:56mins.

Lee Rickards was the next Peeler home in a time of 32:21mins followed by Michael Shelton in 32:42mins with Ashley Perks next across the line with a time of 36:59mins.

Darren O’Leary was hot on Ashley’s heels, crossing the line with 37:02mins.

Other Peelers participating on the night were Shaun Coyle 37:32mins, Craig Strong 38:33mins, Darren Truman 38:56mins, David Fern 39:33mins and Richard Finnigan 39:36mins.

Joanne Harvey was the first Peel lady to finish, completing the 5 miles in 40:25mins. Behind Joanne was Carolyne Browne 42:30mins, Lisa Bignell-Jones 44:22mins, Christie Rosser 44:22mins, Val Lawson 44:28mins & Helen Manton 44:50mins.

Owen Slater crossed the line in 45:49mins, Joanne Turner 47:25mins, Vickie Gillk 52:01mins, Kelly Sippitts 55:22mins, Claire Farmer 55:56mins, Moira Twiggs 57:21mins, Emily Heyworth 57:59mins and Alison Dolphin with 59:16 mins.

At the Kingsbury Water Park it was Simon Smith who was the first Peel Road Runner past the finish line with a time of 20:48mins. Martin Joyce wasn’t far behind with 21:34mins and Shaun Coyle with a time of 23:48mins. Following Shaun in were Tricia & Richie Bunn who crossed the line together in 27:23mins. Marcus Fairburn came home in 29:30mins just ahead of Ian Grigg with 29:31mins.

Peel Road Runners meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm at the Snowdome in Tamworth.

New members are always welcome.

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